Top 10 Modest Clothing Sites

I’m going to be frank, right off the bat. It is practically impossible to find modest clothing these days! I was raised to avoid revealing fashion of any kind, for religious reasons, but it is so dang hard to actually find clothes to wear! Never have I ever felt like giving up my beliefs, but man, sometimes I really feel like it would be easier if I didn’t feel accountable for keeping that rule. That is why I’m doing my best to spread the word and share what has taken me ages to discover! I don’t want anyone else to be discouraged, so here is the holy grail of clothing sites. Obviously, there are millions of other clothing websites that sell modest clothing, but these are some of my favorites. 


I feel like I see this dress everywhere on Pinterest! So here it is! JenClothing is a relatively inexpensive clothing site that offers both formal and informal dresses. I’m always on the lookout for modest clothing that isn’t frumpy, but has more of a modern style, and I seriously feel like I hit the jackpot with this one. My school has a very strict dress code, and all of these dresses would be considered appropriate, so *bonus points*! 


Not only does this site offer dresses and skirts, but they have swimsuits, too!! I feel like cute one-piece swimsuits are ridiculously difficult to find, but here they are! The majority of PiperandScoot swimsuits are two pieces, but they do have quite a handful of one-piece swimsuits as well! As for the price, it’s definitely not cheap, but for the quality and style that they offer, I personally think it’s quite the bargain. 


I’m just going to continue the theme of swimsuit sites, real quick! AlbionFit offers more than just swimsuits, but I would say that is their main focus. Their other clothing is mostly casual, and they title it “leisure” on their sidebar menu. These swimsuits are definitely on the cheaper side, considering, and they’re not so much of a splurge. I think they have really cute prints, and recognized a lot of them trending on Pinterest. 


Okay, so for those of you who caught the pun already, *fist bump*. CalledtoSurf is a totally affordable, super cute, modest clothing side that originates in Provo, woot, woot! They also have clothing for men and children, so double points! Everything is pretty inexpensive, but there are a couple of items that are decently expensive. But for the most part, it’s totally afforadable, cute clothing! 


Definitely way less expensive than the other sites but pretty much the same type of clothing! Personally, I don’t really like PoppyandDot‘s style as much as the others’, but they definitely have some items I would check out! Honestly, when it comes to shopping for modest clothing, you just have to settle sometimes you know? As far as I know, they don’t sell swimsuits, but they do have almost everything else, including shoes. 


This site is not overly expensive, and it sells super cute clothing! Unfortunately, all of the cute stuff is usually sold out. If you’re lucky enough to score something, share your secret, please! The thing I like about this website is that they also sell accessories, like hats and necklaces, so there’s a little added bonus! CladandCloth also has a cool tab on their menu called, “Under $25,” where they literally just list all of their clothing or shoes or hats or whatever that are on sale for under 25 bucks! I would say this site is definitely worth checking out. 


ShopStevie definitely has that kinda hippie, folksy vibe that’s definitely trending right now, that I’ve been really liking. Nothing is very expensive, not even their swimsuits, and they also sell formal dresses that aren’t frumpy or outdated!! Woohoo! I have yet to order anything from this site, but It’s definitely on my list! If anyone beats me to it, let me know what you think! 


The style of WinsomeJones  is definitely a little old-fashioned, but it’s done in a tasteful way! Nothing is overly expensive, and all of their dress and skirts hit the knee at the very least! The only downside is, most of their models are fairly short, so us tall girls would need to pair them with a skirt extender, if we’re trying to hit our knees. 


Let me just say that PinkDesert‘s tops are definitely the best part of this website, and even then, they’re not my favorites. That being said, you can totally find cute things if you look hard enough. Nothing is very expensive, so I guess that makes up for their odd-ish style!


I don’t have a whole lot to say, except for I saved the best for last!! Roolee has the cutest skirts and dresses, and nothing is overly expensive. This website seriously has anything you could want, including bags, watches, shoes, hats, and house decor! Definitely worth checking out. 

I hope this this makes it easier for you guys to find cute and modest clothing, and I hope my little reviews were helpful. Please give me feedback and let me know which sites are your favorites and if you have any to add to the list! 

xo, A


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